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Equallogic Controller Type 12 (PS6100) cache-to-flash

2011年9月23日 評論已關閉

早前在網上找到的文件都強調新Controller Type-12 是不用電池的,內部的Cache 在斷電時會自動抄到FLASH保存。

在9月開放下載的Hardware Maintenance guide 找到這個terms

Each control module includes a cache-to-flash module for storing recently-used data.


When connected, the control module cache-to-flash module receives full charge


睇來似用電容來提供由cache-to-flash 所需的電力。

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Equallogic SAN HeadQuarters 2.2

2011年9月23日 1 則評論

Equallogic 在星期一發放了SAN-HQ 2.2 Early Production Access,但因Support site在星期二出現問題而未能下載。


  • 95th Percentile Reporting
  • Support for Multiple Server Connections
  • Live View (can monitor member/volume in 3 sec interval)
  • Support for PS Series V5.1 Firmware features, including:
    • Audit logging
    • Data Center Bridging (DCB) configuration information
  • Additional Data Reports
    • Group Diagnostics Report
    • Alerts Report
  • RAID Evaluator
  • Across-Group Summaries
  • Event Communication Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Support for the Dell EqualLogic FS7500
  • Usability enhancements
    • New alerts: drive firmware out-of-date notification and disk protocol mismatch.
    • Improved volume type indicator.
    • Temperature display settings.
    • Increase syslog file size for event messages and its log directory path verification.
    • SAN HeadQuarters Client startup verification dialogs, including firewall detection,
    • server logs detection, and server update detection.
    • Configure parameters used by the SANHQ Server

Live View

RAID Evaluator

可以用來計算在修在不同RAID TYPE 下的效能

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